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The world needs to be beautifully designed if we are going to have any fun!

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Randa Magid

Illustration of Terry Thomas

Channelling Terry Thomas

Inspired by the late great Terry Thomas  ‘ Oh Beehave  Productions’  is directed  by his classic style and sense of fun.

Hello and welcome to Oh Beehave which was born out of a love of pattern, textiles, design art. My name is Randa and I am here to provide unique designs that add zing to your life and your business.

Oh Beehave is a full service textile and surface design studio founded by Randa Magid, serving the fashion and interiors markets. 

My background is in Surface Pattern and Graphic Design, a lifelong passion for drawing and art has led me to produce a prolific and ever-growing collection of fresh and inspiring prints. In my cross-disciplinary design work, patterns are now my primary focus.


I love colour so much I can often predict colour trends before the appear officially as I soak up all the influences around me. My designs are bright and vibrant and I draw my influences from living in rural Somerset and my other passion, design history. I often draw on influences from the past, making sure to make any new work individually my own, I do not copy work.


Working in Graphic Design for over 20 years and has given me an in depth knowledge of the design and print process. I am an expert in Adobe Creative Suite and my designs are digital and hand drawn, however for sharper print quality even my hand drawn images are digitized. I have worked for large companies such as  Proctor and Gamble and much smaller independent companies. 


HOWEVER I am now going back to my first love surface pattern. Originally I graduated from  the Surrey Institute of Art and Design BA Hons in Textile Design. Oh Beehave Productions enables me to create numerous designs for homeware, clothing and shoes.

I also create insects from found parts which need recycling and enjoy some Illustration.


I cant wait to hear from you and your ideas for new projects, please do contact me at randa@ohbeehave.co.uk

Rolls of Fabric in New Turkish collection designs

New work is posted daily on Instagram

Killer Whale Stop Whaling Pattern

At Oh Beehave Productions, we believe that design can also deliver and show loyality to very important social issues. So some of our designs have social messages but still look engaging and co-ordinated.

Surf Board, Stop Whaling design

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